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Stay Focused Recording's (SFR) mission is to bring a much needed history to Hip-Hop by promoting the Legendary Masters of the Game. People like the Umar Bin Hassan from the Last Poets, a group whose incendiary rhetoric was backed by African percussion and later fueled generations of Hip Hop up-starts. Umar Bin Hassan, continues to tour the world and record on Stay Focused Recordings.

Umar's 1999 official release on SFR "Life Is Good" brought together a five star musical crew to back the Legend for a mind bending blend of the finest lines put to music. Life Is Good is still available direct from SFR. Get it today!

In Early 2004, Umar teamed up with Leon Mobley, of Innocent Criminal fame, for "Keeping It Real". Click here for a musical sample (requires Flash Player). Get "Keeping It Real" today!

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